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stm8-card: Frame Buffers

Here I explain how I solved a challenging issue related to memory limitations in my PCB business card.

Circular pointers in C

In this post, I mess around with pointers in ways that are definitely not intended. I discuss several pitfalls when creating a pointer that points to itself. I create two possible implementations of circular pointers, and also find a limitation in C at the very end.

Fourier Part 1: What is a Fourier series?

In this post, I begin work on calculating a Fourier series using C. I explain why one would use a Fourier series instead of a simpler alternative, such as Taylor series. Additionally, I cover how we can use the GNU Scientific Library, or GSL, to perform definite integration.

Are bus errors still commonplace? Plus a bonus discussion on org-babel.

Here, I explain what bus errors are and why they can occur. I explain how we can use certain compiler flags to catch runtime errors that may not actually occur. I explain how this improves program portability. After all that, I get a minor headache trying to get org-babel to display the results properly.